Tutoring and Teaching Reviews

Parent of 4th and 6th graders

“Jenny is a great tutor. My two kids’ MAP test scores have improved drastically since they started tutoring with Jenny. She is so amazing with kids, very encouraging & patient. My kids enjoy learning with Jenny. Highly recommended!!!”

Tutoring and Teaching ReviewsParent of 1st and 2nd graders

“My two girls loved their learning time with Jenny.  We highly recommend it.”

Tutoring and Teaching ReviewsElementary School Teacher

“Jenny did an amazing job creating interactive and hands-on lessons that were engaging to students.  I believe one of her most apparent strengths is her ability to be flexible.  It is with great confidence that I recommend Jenny.”

Tutoring and Teaching Reviews

2nd Grade Parent

“My son has been fully engaged by Jenny’s teaching style and enjoys the fun she brings.  It is a rare afternoon when he doesn’t eagerly share with me a fact, skill, or piece of information that he learned.  As a home-schooling parent, I’m especially appreciative of the high standard that Jenny places on academics.  I have been amazed at the quality of work that my son brings home, especially in regards to writing where Jenny manages to teach her students using such a structured and well organized approach, which is so essential for this formative grade level.  Finally, she is always so sweet and encouraging.  We are so thankful for her.”

Tutoring and Teaching Reviews

High School Teacher

“Jenny was an exemplary tutor to math and English students.  She has excellent written and verbal communication skills, and she connected with all of the students in my classroom.  She is extremely organized and is able to establish a positive working relationship with all students.  In my classroom, a mathematics CAHSEE prep class, Jenny was responsible to work with students individually and in small groups.  She effectively reviewed material through selected textbooks, worksheets and Internet review sites using laptops.  Jenny was always punctual, responsible and displayed a very positive attitude.  All my students reacted very positively and appreciated her support and willingness to help.”

Tutoring and Teaching Reviews

Kindergarten Parent

“Jenny treats her students as individuals with unique needs. My daughter has strabismus which has delayed her fine and gross motor skills. Writing, counting, recognizing numbers, copying, and other kindergarten skills were very challenging for her. Jenny recognized many of my daughter’s needs before I did and worked to accommodate her. She was sure to keep her close to the front of the class, she wrote words for her to trace rather than copy, and she constantly affirmed my daughter’s effort. She also introduced our family to Brain Highways; a learning and behavioral program that has radically improved my daughter’s skills and our entire family culture.”

Tutoring and Teaching Reviews

Kindergarten Home School Parent

“I was terrified at starting a home school program and didn’t know if I would be able to make this huge commitment and succeed.  When I shared my concerns with Jenny, she immediately calmed my fears.  She was always there for any questions and assistance anytime, and there were no silly questions that I couldn’t ask; all were valid. Her straight forwardness and genuine concern for my son and me always came through and was always appreciated.  Throughout that first year she answered all my silly questions promptly, there were many, with respect and a smile, never making me feel foolish for asking them.

Jenny does a fantastic job teaching her students.  She motivates students in an encouraging way keeping their unique personalities intact, thus, helping them to have more self-confidence and sense of worth.  Moreover, she has taught me how to be a better instructor, giving me suggestions and giving me resources to assist me in educating my boys.  This did not end with the school year.  She has been there for support and questions throughout the year.  She is able to work with diverse personalities and keep it fun and enjoyable.  The children grew so much with her.”

Tutoring and Teaching Reviews

Third Grade Parent

“Jenny has shown herself to be an excellent teacher.  My son’s case is unique in that English is his second language.  Jenny worked tirelessly with him to get him caught up in his American class curriculum.  My son does not particularly enjoy school.  However, Jenny was able to find innovative ways to make learning fun and interesting for him.  Additionally, she demonstrates a good balance of being warm yet firm.  She is a natural at being able to get down on my son’s level and use both language and activities that allowed him to both understand her and connect to her.  I was extremely pleased to see the improvement in him as she worked with him, as well as to see his confidence in himself grow as he mastered tasks.  In addition to her teaching abilities, Jenny showed herself to be highly professional.  She was reliable, thorough, and demonstrated appropriate boundaries.  On a more personal note, Jenny is simply a pleasure to be around.  Her seemingly endless energy, positive attitude, and kindness make spending time with her easy and enjoyable.  In sum, Jenny is an extremely competent and knowledgeable teacher whom I recommend without hesitation.”

Tutoring and Teaching Reviews

Former Principal, Oasis High School

“At Oasis High School, Jenny accomplished many tasks, such as researching curriculum, developing curriculum, developing the tutoring program, monitoring daily student progress, and tutoring students one-on-one and in small groups.  Jenny developed from the ground up the tutoring model that was implemented at Oasis High School.  She researched and implemented a variety of technology methods utilized with her students, such as instructing through Skype and utilizing a digital tablet that allowed synchronous hand written communication, which was especially helpful when teaching math concepts via Skype and online computing.  As a tutor, Jenny continuously displayed patience with her students, taking them through the necessary steps to learn and understand the concepts they were struggling with.  Jenny assisted students in all curricular areas, such as math, English, social studies, science, and elective topics in person, in small groups, one-on-one, or via Skype.  She communicated regularly with the teaching staff on the progress of her students and had a wonderful working relationship with all staff members.  Jenny was a very well respected staff member, was reliable and dependable, and did an exemplary job as a high school tutor.”

Tutoring and Teaching Reviews