Home Schooling

Homeschooling Teaching

Parents who are home schooling their children have learned first-hand that it takes more than being a great mom or dad to be an effective teacher for their children.  Giving your child the best possible education, which includes all of the key elements required by the state of California, sometimes requires a bit of help.

Jenny has worked as a full-time home school teacher at a charter school, and she home schools her own child.  She has also developed a tutoring program and maintained that program at an independent study high school.  She has supported parents with varying levels of home schooling skills to ensure that their children receive a complete and well-rounded education in a home-school environment.  Whether your child needs a little help in certain subjects or more general teaching support, Jenny can help!

Subjects supported:

  • Elementary (K-6th)
    • Math, Reading, Writing, Grammar, History, Science
  • Middle School (7th, 8th)
    • Pre-algebra, Algebra 1
    • English (Literature, Writing, Grammar)
    • Science
    • History
  • High School (9th-12th)
    • Algebra, Geometry, Algebra II
    • English (Literature, Writing, Grammar)
    • Science
    • History
  • SAT Math, Critical Reading, Writing
  • ACT Math, Reading, Grammar, Science